January 22, 2012

Birthday Greetings to Comrade Carlos Montes


By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
January 14. 2012

We, the International League of Peoples” Strtuggle, wish to express our warmest revolutionary greetings of solidarity to Comrade Carlos Montes on the occasion of his birthday.
We salute him for his long-running record of anti-imperialist and democratic struggle for the national and social liberation of the oppressed and exploited peoples in the US, Latin America and throughout the world.
We wish him and his comrades the utmost success in their current struggle to stop FBI repression and we hope that the fund-raising event tonight will bolster said struggle.
We convey the best wishes for the advancement of the work to raise the level of revolutionary consciousness, organization and militancy against US imperialism and for the socialist cause.