February 5, 2015

Three live stream dates for National Week of Action

Friday, Feb. 13. 6:30 pm CST
Sunday, Feb. 15. 2:00 pm CST
Thursday, Feb. 19. 8:00 pm CST

(see all time zones at the bottom of this section)

We are organizing three live stream appearances by Rasmea Odeh to take place around the week of action. These live streams are an opportunity to have Rasmea’s presence at events around the country.


Rasmea will give a prepared talk and take questions that are submitted via chat or email. The proposal is that her talk would be part of a program that includes at least one local speaker on the next steps in defense work, but it will also work within a program on political repression, Palestine, etc.


Your event location will need an active internet connection and a computer with speakers for viewing the stream. If you expect a lot of people and have access to a digital projector and screen that can be a nice addition.

If you wish to ask questions from your location it may be more convenient to have a second device with chat or email capability, like a smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.

The live stream will be broadcast on the StopFBI.net You Tube Channel. Confirm the broadcast link and other day-of-event information by emailing the organizers at

[email protected], RE: Rasmea live stream

For the time zone challenged:

Eastern Time
Friday, Feb. 13th. 7:30 pm EST
Sunday, Feb. 15th. 3:00 pm EST
Thursday, Feb. 19th. 9:00 pm EST

Mountain Time
Friday, Feb. 13th. 5:30 pm MST
Sunday, Feb. 15th. 1:00 pm MST
Thursday, Feb. 19th. 7:00 pm MST

Pacific Time
Friday, Feb. 13th. 4:30 pm PST
Sunday, Feb. 15th. 12:00 pm PST
Thursday, Feb. 19th. 6:00 pm PST



National Week of Action to defend Rasmea, February 9-15

The campaign to defend long-time Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh has reached a critical stage. We urge everyone to join us in organizing an event or protest on your campus or in the community during the week of Feb. 9 – 15. There will also be a live stream taking place on Feb. 19.

All of us need to shine a light on the real injustice that is taking place in Detroit. Rasmea, a Palestinian American woman who has done so much for so many, is facing deportation and up to ten years in jail on a trumped-up immigration charge. 

We need to go all out in focusing attention on her case before her March 12 sentencing. After the sentencing, it is anticipated that the appeals process will start. This fight will not be over until we have justice.

Rasmea has made great contributions to the community and the cause of Palestinian freedom. We need to stand with her. 

Please share your actions plans with us by emailing [email protected].


  •  All out of the national week of actions to demand Justice for Rasmea, Feb. 9 – 15!
  •  Come to Detroit for the sentencing hearing on March 12!