December 14, 2011

Statement from Local L.A. CSFR Committee

The L.A. Committee to Stop FBI Repression stands in full solidarity with the brave participants of Occupy Los Angeles and supports the immediate release of all protesters.

As of this writing, close to 300 people have been held on up to $5000 bail for simply practicing their first amendment rights of assembly and freedom of speech. This is unacceptable. All protestors should be freed.

The grand majority of people involved in the Occupy protests have been peaceful. If any violence was used, it was on the part of the government and their police force. This is simply a form of political repression against the Occupiers who were speaking out against the economic and political inequality in society.

This political repression is not new. Many of the 24 activists defended by the CSFR had their houses raided and were put under investigation by the FBI. Their only fault was, just like the Occupy protestors, in shedding light on the unfair practices of the corporation-serving U.S. government and its illegal foreign wars.

This persecution of political dissent must stop. It is a violation of basic First Amendment rights. This effort to quell the discontent and collective grievances of the people is another way to tacitly support the privileged 1% that the Occupy movement has spoken out against.

Many of the participants in the Occupy movement have been supporters of the CSFR. They are fighters for justice and share common cause in protesting the corporate plutocracy which now seeks to silence more dissent against the policies that oppress working class people everywhere. We can only support these people in their struggle. We are the 99%.

Free all the Occupy protesters!
Freedom of speech is a right!

Dissent is not a crime!

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