August 22, 2010

Solidarity Statement from the Guevarist Movement - October 8th

Solidarity Statement from the Guevarist Movement – October 8th, San Salvador, El Salvador, August 2011

The Guevarist Movement – October 8th of El Salvador is in solidarity with the compañeros of the anti-war movement in the United States, who, due to being organized and on the left, are suffering an attack on their rights by the U.S. government. Through its ideological absolutism the government wants to silence the voices of those that speak out for an end to their beligerent policies around the world.

In this attack the U.S. government is using its political power against these comrades, via its repressive aparatuses such as the FBI, jailing and accusing them of “terrorism”. This is a better description of the U.S. government’s own character, which in its role as a “police state” uses its economic and military power to infuse terror against countries around the world in the name of democracy and the “reign of freedom”. Far from accomplishing these things, instead they distort and block them. Confronting the undeniable and diverse crises of the capitalist system and the neo-liberal model they promote and defend, they are preoccupying themselves so much with repressing all human consciousness — like that of our comrades — who as U.S. citizens shouldn’t be denied the right to believe, think and struggle for a different world, free of oppression and exploitation.

Finally, it’s clear to us that the U.S. capitalist state’s repressive attitude against the compañeros only shows the fear and anxiety of U.S. bourgeois society at the very moment that this society is going through it’s greatest crisis in its history, with their hegemony tottering.

We’re convinced that the brave activities of the progressive sectors of the U.S. people will broaden. Today at a time that the capitalist regime shows its inability to offer anything other than violence and poverty to the world’s people, we know that the powerful sectors of capitalist society fear nothing more than the organized and conscious action of their own people.

So we extend our solidarity to the families, compañeros, friends and comrades in the anti-war movement who because of their ideals of peace, justice and progress, have had to endure the persecution of the U.S. imperialist state.

We demand:

  • Stop the repression against anti-war activists!
  • Stop the judicial processes against them!
  • Stop the terrorist actions of the most imperialist state in the world, the United States of America!