December 8, 2014

Rasmea is coming home! She's to be released on $50,000 cash bond

Judge rules that Rasmea can be released pending sentencing

We are pleased to announce that Judge Gershwin Drain just filed his ruling granting Rasmea’s motion for reconsideration of his November 10th order revoking her bond. RASMEA IS COMING HOME!

The defense committee is working now to secure the money for her release. Please help us raise it by donating HERE now!

We also thank you all for your passionate work to help restore her freedom! We believe that the hundreds of letters to the judge, and the incredible response to the county jail’s punitive measure of placing Rasmea in solitary confinement, played a major role in making this happen. In the ruling, the judge wrote: “Defendant’s dedication to her community work and the people that such work assists, as well as the presence of relatives in Chicago, demonstrates by clear and convincing evidence that she is not as significant a flight risk as originally believed.”

In addition, all your letters to Rasmea helped keep her spirits up, and strengthened her resolve to continue challenging the unjust ruling, detention, and treatment in jail.  

Of course, we are going to appeal the conviction, and there is still a ton of organizing work to be done, but today we celebrate and prepare to bring Rasmea home. Thank you all for your support!

Rasmea Defense Committee