November 11, 2014

National Week of Action to #FreeRasmeaNow

National Week of Action to #FreeRasmeaNow

Though Rasmea has been unjustly convicted, her struggle is far from over. Read Monday’s report from court here.

Monday in front of supporters in the courtroom, US marshals placed Rasmea in handcuffs and under arrest. She will be detained until her sentencing, which is set for March 10, 2015. Our immediate and urgent task is to fight for her release from jail. The Rasmea Defense Committee with Students for Justice in Palestine is calling on Palestinian and Palestine solidarity organizations and others committed to opposing political repression across the United States to participate in a national week of action to win her freedom now. 

Participate in the week of action:
Wednesday, November 12-18!

  1. Write to Judge Drain and urge him to send Rasmea home.
    Click here for sample letter

  2. Organize a protest at your local federal building or on your campus.
    • The SJP National Ad-Hoc Steering Committee calls on all SJP chapters to participate by organizing actions on your campuses on November 14, 2014.
    • Please send in the details of your protest plans so we can share – [email protected]

  3.  Write letters of support to Rasmea. (Please remember that prison authorities will read all of your letters, so don’t write anything you don’t want them to see.)
        Rasmieh Odeh #144979
        St. Clair County Jail
        1170 Michigan
        Port Huron, MI. 48060

  4. Organize a fundraiser to help fund Rasmea’s defense.
    • NSJP also calls on all those who are able to donate money to Rasmea’s legal defense fund, so that they can continue to zealously represent her and prepare for an appeal.


When publicizing your actions on social media, please be sure to use the hashtags #Justice4Rasmea and #FreeRasmeaNow