December 16, 2011

Letter to President Obama Opposing The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

This letter was sent by CSFR supporter Greg Foisie on the call in/write in day opposing indefinite detention and the erosion of civil liberties.

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Dear President Obama,                                                                                               

I am very concerned about the provision of the National Defense Authorization Act being presented for passage by the US government that allows persons with your authority to enable the U.S. military to detain anyone suspected of ‘terrorism’ indefinitely, inside or outside the United States, without trial, including U.S. citizens. I am opposed to the US military standing against its own population and I am opposed to “indefinite detention without trial.” These attributes are the hallmarks of brutal dictatorships. Such a provision is a serious compromise against the civil liberties & democratic rights of Americans as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, being justified by an excuse that its implementation can prevent ‘terrorism’.  If passed, I believe that our liberties and rights are diminished and curtailed.

I work for peace in the USA and around the world.  My main activity has been supporting veterans who honor the dead of our wars at our weekly memorial in Santa Monica, California.  We have done this every Sunday for almost eight years without ever missing a Sunday.  I consider my volunteer work to be patriotic, legal, and in support of my society and mankind.  War is a horrific undertaking, which should only be utilized as the last resort of self-defense.  In my opinion, it should not be an instrument of foreign policy, as it has been during the history of the United States.

Last summer, 24 anti-war and international solidarity activists were raided by the FBI or were called to report to a grand jury investigating “material support for Foreign Terrorist Organizations.” This is another instance where agencies of the federal government are used to oppress people’s dissent against the status quo.  I know many peace activists, and none of them support terrorism at all.  They stand and work for peace and an end to violence. Therefor I consider these raids to be politically motivated, and acts of intimidation and harassment against people acting in support of their consciences. I believe they are a waste of valuable law enforcement resources. 

Instead of going after real terrorists, endeavors like the provision of this act target those Americans with opinions questioning our established state of affairs.  Yet people in power, such as President Reagan and Col. Oliver North, can contravene mandates of congress and support “terrorism” by selling arms to Iran and funding the contras, resulting in the deaths of about 250,000 men, women and children in Latin America.

I am told that there are Congressional leaders currently meeting in secret, with some having the intent of passing this provision into law within a few weeks’ time. Again, I am opposed to ”indefinite detention without trial” becoming the law of the land, and the use of the US military against US citizens.  Please do whatever you can to protect freedoms of speech and expression, assembly, and the right to seek a redress of grievances from the government, as guaranteed by the US Constitution. Please don’t place the power of the US military against the freedoms of its people.

Thank you Sir, for reading and considering my comments.

Greg Foisie