Pledge to Resist FBI, Grand Jury Repression

We pledge:

  • We will carry forward the fight for our right to speak out, organize and to stand in solidarity with those who want freedom;
  • We will stand up to any escalation of the attacks on anti-war and international solidarity activists;
  • We will join the national day of protest when anti-war and international solidarity activists are ordered to appear in front of the Chicago Grand Jury or indicted.

Solidarity Statements

Organizations in the United States and around the world are standing in solidarity with those targeted by the FBI for their anti-war organizing and international solidarity work.

Please send solidarity statements to [email protected] and [email protected], or leave a comment on this page if you would like your organization added to the list.

  1. International Action Center
  2. ANSWER Coalition
  3. United for Peace and Justice
  4. Voters for Peace
  5. Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
  6. North Carolina Labor Against the War
  7. Defenders for Freedom, Justice, and Equality
  8. International Network in Solidarity with all Colombian Political Prisoners
  9. Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
  10. Black Workers for Justice
  11. Fight Imperialism – Stand Together
  12. MADRE
  13. School of the Americas Watch
  14. Students for a Democratic Society
  15. Green Party of the United States
  16. San Francisco Labor Council
  17. Baltimore-Washington Area Peace Council
  18. International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
  19. American Muslims for Palestine
  20. Freedom Socialist Party
  21. Radical Women
  22. US Palestinian Community Network
  23. Northland Anti-war Coalition
  24. Philadelphia Socialist Action
  26. Kamëntsás
  27. Opposition to War & Occupation
  28. United National Antiwar Committee
  29. Unión del Barrio
  30. National Lawyers Guild
  31. Houston Communist Party USA
  32. Grand Jury Resistance Project
  33. Green Party of Minnesota
  34. American Jewish World
  35. Alliance for Global Justice
  36. American Indian Movement
  37. Muslim Public Affairs Council
  38. Socialist Party USA
  39. Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee
  40. Arab American Action Network
  41. Mobilization Against War & Occupation
  42. International Socialist Organization
  43. Council on American-Islamic Relations
  44. Workers World Party
  45. Civil Liberties Project of Political Research Associates
  46. Socialist Action
  47. Socialist Workers Party
  48. Bring the Ruckus
  49. Socialist Alternative
  50. Solidarity
  51. African People’s Solidarity Committee and Uhuru Solidarity Movement
  52. Socialist Alliance (Australia)
  53. Muslimah Writers Alliance
  54. North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists
  55. Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Organización Socialista del Camino para la Libertad
  56. AFSCME Council 5
  57. Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban Five
  58. International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
  59. U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization
  60. Project SALAM
  61. FIRE Collective
  62. National Network on Cuba
  63. Veterans for Peace
  64. Veterans for Peace, Minnesota Chapter 27
  65. Center for Constitutional Rights
  67. Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America
  68. 8th Day Center for Justice Staff
  69. American Friends Service Committee – Chicago Office
  70. Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace and Justice in the Middle East
  71. Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Policy
  72. Community Media Workshop
  73. Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago
  74. Fellowship of Reconciliation
  75. First Chicago Church of the Brethren
  76. Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice
  77. North Suburban Peace Initiative
  78. Voices for Creative Nonviolence
  79. Witness for Peace-Great Lakes Region
  80. League of Revolutionaries for a New America
  81. Arab Resource and Organizing Center
  82. Defending Dissent Foundation
  83. Project South
  84. All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (statement)
  85. News & Letters (statement)
  86. People’s Tribune (statement)
  87. International League of Peoples’ Struggle (statement)
  88. Labor for Palestine
  89. Iraq Freedom Congress (statement)
  90. War Times/Tiempo de Guerras (statement)
  91. Labor/Community Strategy Center (statement)
  92. Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (statement)
  93. FMLN Minnesota (statement)
  94. Peace and Justice Studies Association (statement)
  95. Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
  96. Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
  97. United States Palestinian Community Network
  98. Friends for a Non-Violent World (statement)
  99. Latin America Solidarity Coalition (statement)
  100. Black is Back Coalition (statement)
  101. Workers Solidarity Alliance (statement)
  102. Peace Action Wisconsin (statement)
  103. Sydney Stop the War Coalition (statement)
  104. Durham Bill of Rights Defense Committee (statement)
  105. Communist Party USA (statement)
  106. Duluth Central Labor Body (statement)
  107. Chicago Teamsters’ Local 705 (statement)
  108. Rights Working Group (statement)
  109. South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council (statement)
  110. Troy Area Labor Council (statement)
  111. American Federation of Teachers Local 1493 (statement)
  112. AFSCME Local 3800 (statement)
  113. Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (statement)
  114. People’s Organization for Progress (statement)
  115. Chelsea Uniting Against the War / Chelsea Uniéndose En Contra de la Guerra (CUAW) (statement)