December 14, 2010

You'd Better Watch Out!

(Tune: "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town")
Lyrics © by Vicki Ryder (2010)

You'd better watch out, we're tellin' you true,
Or FBI's thugs will come after you!
The FBI has come to our town.

If you're gonna meet to work against war,
Or plan to show army recruiters the door,
The FBI will write it all down.

They know where you'll be meetin';
They'll use their wiretaps;
They think they know it all, but Friends —
WE all know it's crap, so…

We're raging' today against FBI spies;
We're tired of the wars and sick of the lies.
Stifling dissent really bites!

We'll meet where we like and sing out the truth,
Until we get justice and bring home the troops.
It's time to stand up for our rights!