October 5, 2010

Stop FBI Raids!

Solidarity Statement from News & Letters

The FBI raids on anti-war activists’ homes in Minneapolis, Chicago and North
Carolina on September 24 recall some of the most reactionary moments in this
country’s political history, from the 1919 Palmer Raids to 1950s McCarthyism to
the deadly COINTELPRO attacks of the 1960s and 1970s. We in News and Letters
Committees join in the immediate resistance to this round of ruling class
attacks which herald a new offensive against the broad movement for freedom and

We condemn the use of all the repressive tools of the ruling class, including
the newer ones invented under the guise of “anti-terrorism” legislation, and
call for a broad mobilization in opposition to these present raids and all
future moves against movement activists. Already by September 28, protests have
taken place in over two dozen cities and towns across the United States. As
history has shown in the fundamental matter of the right to dissent, an attack
upon one is an attack upon us all.