August 7, 2010

Statement of the FMLN Base Committee “José de la Paz Santos" of Santa Tecla, El Salvador Regarding the FBI Raids Against the Anti-War Movement in t

The FMLN Base Committee “José de la Paz Santos” expresses its unconditional support for our compañeros of the Anti-War Committee in the face of FBI raids. We condemn the pursuit and harassment of the peace movement.

Before the people of the world, we denounce the United States government’s continued imperialist agression around the world, currently sustaining three simultaneous wars around the planet taking natural resources from the invaded countries in a fruitless attempt to maintain their unsustainable economic model, causing the biggest economic, social and political crisis that humanity has ever seen.

Our committee demands justice, a stop to the harassment and the raids against our compañeros, and a cease to the spying and judicial manipulation.

And like the great African-American leader Malcolm X said, “You can’t separate peace from freedom because nobody can be in peace unless they have their freedom.” We demand freedom and peace for our compañeros.

Patria libre o morir!