November 16, 2010

Solidarity Statement from Women Against Military Madness (WAMM)

Women Against Military Madness, a feminist organization with a 28-year long track record of peaceful nonviolent action and education, stands in solidarity with peace organizations throughout the world to condemn the FBI raids and grand jury investigations of U.S. peace groups, antiwar activists and international solidarity activists.

We have the rights to speak out publicly, to assemble protests, to openly criticize U.S. foreign policies and, most of all, to educate about governmental policies that go against our spiritual, moral, and ethical beliefs. These rights are recognized in this country’s foundational principles, made manifest in our Constitution and Bill of Rights and guaranteed by the laws of this nation.

We believe that no governmental agency has a right to restrict these freedoms, neither in times of peace, nor in times of war.

We believe that the unfounded grand jury investigation of members of legitimate peace groups is an infringement on these inalienable rights. We condemn the FBI’s actions and will not participate in their attempt to further erode American civil rights and civil liberties