December 22, 2010

Solidarity statement from the International Solidarity Movement - Chicago chapter

The Chicago chapter of the International Solidarity Movement strongly condemns the continuing witch hunt being carried out by Patrick Fitzgerald, the US District Attorney (who serves at the pleasure of Barack Obama), and the FBI against Palestine solidarity activists across the United States. We know several of the individuals whose homes were the targets of the FBI raids or that were subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury.

We unequivocally support our fellow Palestine solidarity activists and urge all of you to do everything in your power to assist them. The intimidation of solidarity workers and the attempt by the Obama administration to criminalize solidarity work reminds us of the tactics used during the COINTELPRO days.

We believe that there are several ways to support our colleagues at this difficult movement:

  • We urge you to donate to their legal defense fund immediately. Go to for details.
  • We must all continue to work in solidarity with the Palestinian people until Palestine is free!
  • We must continue to urge individuals to travel to Palestine to do solidarity work and to support the BDS movement against Israeli apartheid.
  • Refuse to talk to the FBI.

International Solidarity Movement-Chicago chapter