December 24, 2010

Solidarity Statement from Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign

Solidarity Statement from Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign

MN Break the Bonds CampaignMN Break the Bonds (MN BBC, stands in solidarity with the ever-increasing number of activists targeted with grand jury subpoenas by the US federal government. We also stand along with these activists and their allies in strongly condemning these actions by the federal government and call on our members, allies and comrades to join this outcry.

These actions are attempts by the US government to criminalize free speech and dissent, and target work for justice are reprehensible. We find it atrocious that up to 23 activists have been subpoenaed since September 24, 2010 to appear before a grand jury and that the harassment and repression of solidarity and anti-war activists continues.

Grand juries have historically been used to gather supposed evidence on political movements and incriminate as many people as possible. Grand juries are a closed and secret process by which those subpoenaed are not given a right to their lawyer in court or to plead the 5th amendment. Refusal to comply with a grand jury can result in incarceration. MN BBC denounces the federal government in its use of such tactics.

In the words of the Palestine Solidarity group “We urge all people of conscience and those who stand in solidarity with the Palestinians to join us in calling for an end to political repression, both here and abroad, as we continue to support the movement for self-determination for the Palestinian people” and people everywhere.