November 13, 2010

Solidarity Statement from Gainesville SDS

Gainesville Area Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) condemns in the fullest way the FBI Raids conducted against Peace Activists across the country on Sept. 26Th, 2010. These raids on members of Students for a Democratic Society, the Palestine Solidarity Group, the Twin-Cities Anti-War Committee, the Colombia Action Network, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and the National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera are part of a trend of repression of those who disagree with the U.S. government’s foreign policies. We demand the following:

• Stop the repression against anti-war and solidarity activists
• Immediately return all confiscated materials (computers, phones, documents, etc.)
• Cancel the Grand Jury against anti-war activists

We are in full solidarity with the anti-war activists who were unfairly and unjustly targeted by the FBI because the anti-war activists have clearly done nothing wrong. We urge youth and activists around the country to stand in solidarity with all those who wish to excercise their freedom of speech and condem the FBI for the crimes they have committed against these people who are working for peace.


Gainesville Area SDS