November 10, 2014

Sample Letter to Judge Drain to Urge Rasmea's Release

On Monday, November 10, Rasmea Odeh was taken into custody in Judge Drain’s courtroom.

Below is sample text for a letter to Judge Drain, urging that he order her release from jail.

Please use this text, adding your own information and opinions. Send your completed letters to us at [email protected].

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Dear Judge Drain,

I am writing this letter on behalf of 67-year old Rasmea Odeh (case #13-cr-20772), to ask that she be released awaiting sentencing.


<OPTIONAL: Here you can add a personal statement about your ties to Rasmea. Please do not write your feelings about the verdict, or about her innocence in the Israeli case against her, as that will not help to win her freedom today.>


I want to assure you that this pillar of Chicago’s Palestinian community is no flight risk. On the contrary, Rasmea has a deep commitment to her community, to her supporters across the country, and to her own family members living in Chicago – two nephews and several cousins.


During her trial, the presence of dozens of members of the Arab Women’s Committee (AWC) is a testament to the fact that Rasmea’s connection to these women is not professional, but rather, very personal. As immigrants, the AWC has helped them overcome feelings of isolation and the bond between Rasmea and member of the Committee cannot be overstated. Her connection to this community of women is described by all of them as “like a family.” This is why they left families at home in Chicago, and traveled 5 hours each way on buses to be with Rasmea during this difficult time. Their presence was a comfort to Rasmea, and her arrest and detention were devastating to them.


Countless other community members, from Chicago and beyond, also filled your courtroom and an overflow courtroom throughout the trial. Some hailed from Detroit and Dearborn, but most traveled much further to support Rasmea, a valued community leader. Time and again, Rasmea assured her supporters that no matter the outcome in her case, we must “be strong” and “stand together.”


Please take immediate action to release Rasmea Odeh so she can return to her home, family and community in Chicago, until sentencing. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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