October 22, 2010

Portland Central America Solidarity Committee Solidarity Statement

The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee stands with the activists who were victims of recent FBI raids in Minneapolis and Chicago. These raids were part of a broader attack on progressive organizing and the struggle for global justice.

The FBI seized personal items, papers and computers from houses of activists accused of providing “material support” to alleged terrorist groups in Colombia and Palestine. Several other activists in Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan were served subpoenas to testify before a federal grand jury. No arrests were made, but FBI actions clearly serve to intimidate our movements.

PCASC opposes the criminalization of dissent under the guise of combating “terrorism.” However nebulous the term, we are sure that US funding of the Colombian military, which has institutionalized the killing of civilians is a better fit. The military has routinely lumped civilians in the body count it uses to justify US support in the war on drugs.

We refuse to let the FBI paint us as dangerous. We are working to create a more just world.  We will not be intimidated.