September 27, 2010

NC Labor Against the War, Solidarity Statement against the FBI raids

North Carolina Labor Against the War
P.O. Box 20002, Greensboro, N.C. 27420

September 26, 2010

North Carolina Labor Against the War joins in the condemnation of the recent FBI raids and Justice Department targeting and harassment of fellow anti-war activist centered in the mid-west of the United States.

NC LAW is one of the many longstanding groups that soundly condemns the criminal wars and occupation for oil control and maximum profits on Iraq and Afghanistan. We stand for ending these unjust wars and bring all U.S. troops home, immediately. Such is our patriotic right and duty. Such is genuine “support for our troops”.

Any attack on these first amendment rights,our civil rights and civil liberties, our right to dissent and resist, our rights to criticize our government and repressive regimes it supports, our right to support those fighting to control their own destiny, helps send this country down the slippery slope called Nazi Germany.

These government actions, under the Obama Justice Department, are aimed at intimidating, dividing and silencing the anti-war movement and eliminating resistance to the military industrial complex and its war machine. These reprehensible government tactics against those who have the courage to demand justice, remind us of the decades of illegal FBI harassment and intimidation of the righteous civil rights movement centered here in the South.

NC LAW stands in Solidarity with our brothers and sisters and we call on the U.S government, the FBI and the courts to immediately cease all harassment in all its forms of anti-war and solidarity activists and organizations.

In solidarity,

Mark Dimonstein
Coordinator, North Carolina Labor Against the War