January 11, 2011

Military Families Speak Out condemns FBI raids on antiwar activists

Military Families Speak Out condemns the FBI raids upon the homes and offices of peace activists in Minnesota and Illinois on September 24, and the subsequent federal grand jury subpoenas delivered to nineteen activists.

We are the families of soldiers sent repeatedly to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The media and the majority of the American people, who do not have a human stake in their continuation, ignore these wars.  We respect and depend upon the support of peace activists like these who stand with us as a reminder to our fellow citizens and to Congress that these wars have taken a terrible toll upon those who fight in them and upon the communities where we live.   We watch our schools and social structures sapped by the insatiable need to finance two wars which have no end in sight.

These actions by the FBI serve no purpose except to create fear among those who dare to speak truth to power. No charges have been made, but the FBI has announced “the warrants are seeking evidence in support of an ongoing Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation into activities concerning the material support of terrorism.”

How does a request for peace qualify as an act of terrorism?

After the Supreme Court’s decision in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project this summer, it is a crime to provide support, including humanitarian aid, literature distribution and political advocacy, to any groups that the United States government has designated as a ‘terrorist’ group.  This decision, coupled with the loose definition of ‘material support’ could criminalize our constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech.  

You cannot silence us through intimidation of our fellow peace activists.  We will stand together to support the liberties provided by the Constitution that our family members in the military swear to protect.

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