May 11, 2011

Letter to President Obama from Congressman Davis

Published on Mon, 2011-03-21 16:51

In February, a delegation from Chicago’s Committee Against Political Repression met with a staff person in the Chicago office of Congressman Danny Davis.  The delegation was led by Richard Berg and Rima Kapitan.  We were there to ask for a letter to President Obama and Attorney General Holder expressing concern about FBI repression of the Anti-War and Solidarity Movements.  Ira Cohen, Director of Issues and Communication expressed that the Congressman would write a letter to President Obama to address the issues we raised.

Last Friday, March 18th, we received a copy of that letter.  We encourage supporters to bring this letter to the attention of their representatives and other members of Congress.   Urge them to follow Congressman Davis’ lead and join him writing to President Obama and Attorney General Holder to express concern about the repression of First Amendment protected speech and association activities.

Finally we thank Congressman Davis for taking the lead on this matter.

- Committee to Stop FBI Repression

March 21, 2011

March 15, 2011
President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:
Congress of the United States
House of Representatives Washington, D.C.

My constituents have requested that I assist in making known to you their concerns about FBI raids targeting peace and anti-war activists in Chicago and Minneapolis. These raids have been accompanied by the issue of subpoenas to at least 23 citizens of Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan requiring them to testify before a grand jury.

They are deeply concerned that these investigations into individuals and organizations engaged in First Amendment protected speech and association activities are a continuation of FBI investigations of peace and justice organizations criticized in a recent Department of Justice Inspector General report.

I know you share my commitment to protecting our civil liberties and preserving our freedoms during both war and peace and that we both remain mindful of the lessons of the past when we sacrificed liberty in the name of security such as the internment mandates of World War II or the sweeping investigations of the McCarthy era. Attached are several communications they have shared with my office and I am told that additional materials are posted at

I trust their concerns will receive all due consideration and thank you for your attention.


Danny K. Davis Member of Congress
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