September 29, 2010

Let Us Build Resistance to Repression, War, and Occupation!

On Friday September 24, a series of FBI raids were carried out throughout the United States. These raids targeted organizations with a clear anti-war, anti-imperialist, pro-peace position against U.S. foreign and domestic policy; a growing tendency of our time. We must be clear that this signals the coming of a more intense fascist state. It signals the coming of the persecution of organizations and individuals who oppose the current capitalist order.

Unión del Barrio condemns the raids and their purpose; which was to confuse, intimidate and instill fear in our community and in our movements. We reject that intimidation and terror.

We have seen, been victims, and have witnessed these types of attacks before. We have been face to face with this fascism and are keenly aware of its reach; we know what it is to have members of our families taken by federal agents in the middle of the night or early mornings; we are aware of the empireís ability to suspend “constitutional, civil or democratic” rights; and we’ve seen the empire’s inhumanity, as it kills and maims people at the hands of its police-migra-military force against the non-white world. We are aware and assume our responsibility to struggle against it wherever it may appear.

Today the role, responsibility and duty of every revolutionary, progressive and those that call themselves leftists, must be to halt this drive to open fascism both within the political borders of the United States and abroad. As we listen and observe the UN General Assembly speeches and discussions, it becomes clear that the possibility of nuclear war, with clear colonial ambitions is becoming more pronounced. A war that if carried out, whether by Israel or the United States against Irán, will undoubtedly alter the very possibility of life on this planet.

Today, the need for workers/class unity is ever more clear. The need for a clearly anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist social movement for our basic rights depends upon us. We must be aware that the time to join the correct side of humanity, and leave behind the irrational, unsustainable, egocentric “American Dream,” is now! This “American Dream” has been, and continues to be a Human Rights nightmare the world over.

We invite, all who are willing to build a resistance to repression, war and occupation, to unite with the Manifesto of Caracas, and build towards a continental day of action in your area on December 10th, International Human Rights Day; for Human Rights and Socialism, united we win!

In unity and in struggle,

Comité Central
Unión del Barrio