September 24, 2011

Legal Development in Case of Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists Raided by FBI

**For Immediate Release: September 23, 2011**

FFI: Jess Sundin @ 612-272-2209 – Committee to Stop FBI Repression and MN Anti-War Committee

One year ago anti-war and solidarity activists were raided by the FBI in Minneapolis and Chicago. Twenty-three people were served subpoenas to a federal grand jury investigating allegations of “material support for terrorism” Tom Burke, of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression of Grand Rapids said, “The anti-war and international solidarity activists’ homes were turned upside down and personal belongings, were all carted off by the FBI.”

In the first legal developments in nine months in this case, attorneys’ for raided activists have filed a motion for return of their property seized a year ago. The filing reads in part, “Property seized by the United States and not returned includes: Personal and political papers of the Petitioners, acquired during decades of activity protected by the First Amendment and related to peaceable assembly by the Petitioners and the petitioning of the United States for a governmental redress of grievances. Books which are publicly published and available for sale, and whose possession, reading, and use of, are protected by the First Amendment.”

On Friday September 23, Bruce Nestor, filed a motion on behalf of [Jessica Sundin](/profile/steff-yorek) and [Stefanie Yorek](/profile/steff-yorek) demanding a return of the property and noting that no criminal charges have been filed against the Petitioners nor any other person that are related to the seizure of the above property on September 24, 2010.

Jess continued, “We need to continue to fight for our civil liberties in the face of this attack. To that end we will hold a protest at 2911 Park Ave in Minneapolis at 1:00pm on Saturday September 24.” Bruce Nestor will provide a legal update at Saturday’s protest.

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