December 23, 2010

IJAN statement on the latest raids

The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network condemns the federal government's accelerating use of the anti-democratic Grand Jury to harass and threaten the Palestine solidarity movement. We will not be deterred in seeking justice for Palestinians or for those who defend their rights.

The 23 activists subpoenaed in Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota can count on our continued support as they face government repression for speaking out against violations of rights, unnecessary suffering and needless loss of life.

In addition to the nine new subpoenas in the past few weeks, the Grand Jury has renewed the subpoenas of three activists in the Twin Cities who will likely be stripped of their 5th Amendment rights and forced to testify—and be testified against—or face contempt of court and prison.

When the FBI attempts to muzzle those who fight for civil and human rights we will redouble our efforts to hold the government accountable. Against attempts to stop this work, the many of us who value these rights and human life and dignity will step up and continue it.

We will hold Patrick Fitzgerald accountable for his repeated targeting of Muslims and Arabs, including Muhammad Salah and Abdelhaleem Ashqar. We will hold Eric Holder and the Obama administration accountable for criminalizing anti-war and human rights activism instead of prosecuting Wall Street and Bush regime criminals. We will keep the pressure up until the Grand Jury is called off, all seized items are returned and the FBI stops harassing activists and communities.

As our movements continue to gain momentum and find increased effectiveness, we can expect continued government repression. However, history has consistently shown us that the human will for freedom, justice and life does not yield to attempts to crush it.