November 26, 2021

Free Alex Saab! Donate now!

Free Alex Saab! Donate now!

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR) is organizing to Free Alex Saab! We need your donation to make that possible. Please consider funding freedom this holiday season.

Your donation will go directly toward mobilizing activists around the country for protests outside his trial in Miami, Florida. A hearing next week may set the trial date for as soon as January 3, 2022.

Alex Saab is a Venezuelan diplomat being detained illegally by the U.S. government and is now facing trial. Saab is a good man who has done nothing wrong. In fact, he worked overtime as a high ranking diplomat for the government of Venezuela, making trade deals to benefit Venezuela’s people and economy, despite the criminal U.S. economic sanctions against that country. Now the Biden administration is trying to criminalize Alex Saab and Venezuela’s diplomatic efforts.

CSFR denounces this sham trial as an outrageous act of aggression against the sovereign Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This U.S. kidnapping of a Venezuelan diplomat shows the U.S. Empire’s efforts to harass and sanction Venezuela knows no bounds. We will not let this outrage stand. We will protest together in solidarity outside the courts in Miami, Florida and send a message to the Biden White House and U.S. State Department.

We plan to drive and fly people down to participate in the protests in Miami, Florida. If not January 3rd, then whatever date the judge decides. Join us in sunny and warm Miami in the new year to put the Biden administration and its criminal sanctions on trial.

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