October 18, 2010

Chicago Teamsters’ Local 705 Condemns the FBI Raids on Trade Unionists and Anti-war Activists, Calls for End to Grand Jury

Whereas: On September 24 the FBI raided the homes and offices of trade unionists and activists in Minneapolis and Chicago confiscating crates full of computers, books, documents, cell phones, photos of Martin Luther King and even their children’s items.

Whereas: Specifically among others our Teamster Brother Mick Kelly from Minneapolis.  As well as our Brother Joe Iosbaker, Chief Steward of SEIU Local 73, who has walked our ambulatory picket lines for the “Pain Ice Strike” at University of Illinois-Chicago.

I move to make a motion to condemn the FBI raids.

And furthermore:

1. They stop all further repression of trade unionists and activists.

2. They return all confiscated materials.

3. Stop the grand jury proceedings.

Brother Joe Balkis made the motion.
Brother Dave Bernt seconded the motion.
The membership overwhelmingly voted to pass the motion.

October 17th, 2010