October 22, 2010

Chelsea Uniting Against the War (CUAW) Solidarity Statement

September 29, 2010

Chelsea Uniting Against the War / Chelsea Uniéndose En Contra de la Guerra (CUAW) joins anti-war and labor organizations around the country in condemning the coordinated FBI raids and Justice Department targeting and harassment of anti-war activists centered in the United States Midwest this past Friday, September 24, 2010.

CUAW is a community anti-war organization based in Chelsea, Massachusetts. From our formation in 2003, we have opposed the US government war of terror on the people of the world, and especially against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. In the name of “fighting terror,” driven by the US military-industrial complex and its drive to control economic resources and increase profits, first the Bush and now the Obama-Biden Regime, have continued to spread terror against the people. We have combined our opposition to US government war abroad with opposition to increasing government attacks here “at home” in the USA, especially attacks on immigrant workers and our families, the most recent outrageous example being Arizona SB1070.

We agree with the observation of the San Francisco Labor Council in their September 27 resolution unanimously condemning these FBI raids: “The FBI raids are reminiscent of the Palmer Raids, McCarthy hearings, J. Edgar Hoover, and COINTELPRO, and mark a new and dangerous chapter in the protracted assault on the First Amendment rights of every union fighter, international solidarity activist or anti-war campaigner, which began with 9/11 and the USA PATRIOT Act.”

CUAW stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers under attack and joins the call on the US government, the FBI and the courts to immediately cease and desist their harassment and persecution of anti-war and solidarity activists and organizations.

In solidarity,

Lyn Meza
Rachel Hellmann

Chelsea Uniting Against the War / Chelsea Uniéndose En Contra de la Guerra