October 6, 2010

A Message of Solidarity to the Brothers and Sisters in the U.S. Anti-war Movement

Statement from Iraq Freedom Congress

No matter what we do, we cannot repay our brothers and sisters who have been supporting us for years. We hope that we can make a change.
Amjad Ali of Iraq Freedom Congress

A message of solidarity to the brothers and sisters in the U.S. anti-war movement

We have been informed of the recent attacks carried out by elements of the FBI on the homes of a number of activists and trade unionists in the anti-war movement in the United States. This action was an effort to contain a fast- growing movement that works to defeat the neo-conservatives who launched two vicious wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and unleashed a cycle of violence and terrorism in the Middle East. These pre-emptive wars have put the world under the mercy of terrorists and made the U.S. itself less secure.

The leaders and activists of our movement have become a worrisome issue to the decision makers and politicians in the U.S. government. The recent attack of the FBI on our leaders is a miserable attempt to re-structure the internal situation in the United States by putting an end to unleashed democracy.

The United States’ strategic position in the world is threatened. The economic crisis has shaken every brick in the foundation built by a handful of venture capitalists and their political representatives in the White House. Fearing collapse of its venture capital government, theObama administration has consistently misled the public about the partial withdrawal from Iraq, its role in the Middle East peace process, the discussions surrounding sanctions or wars against Iran, to name a few.

Undermining and intimidating the anti-war movement is part of a strategy to restore power, important with mid-term elections just around the corner.

As Iraq Freedom Congress is part of the anti-war movement worldwide including the US, it strongly condemns the campaign led by the FBI against the activists of our movement and sees these actions as a sheer violation of democracy and human rights, the very concepts that the White House brags about to the world.

Iraq Freedom Congress declares its unwavering solidarity and support with the leaders and activists of the anti-war movement in the United States and demands the Department of Justice drop all charges, immediately release all imprisoned activists and desist from terrorizing them.

The arrest and intimidation of our activists who have been seeking peace and freedom will not stop or undermine our determination, just as the U.S. military machinery could not intimidate us in Iraq.

At the same time IFC appeals to all people who seek freedom and peace to stand firm against the flagrant violations of human rights in a country that claims to export the concepts of democracy to the world.

Long live peace

Long live the anti-war movement

Long live the anti-war movement activists and leaders in the US

Samir Adil / Central Council of Iraq Freedom Congress

October 4, 2010


Working For a Democratic, Secular and Progressive Alternative to both the US Occupation and Political Islam in Iraq